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He was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1734, as the fourth of seven children.His great grandfather was Sir Frederick Hamilton, Baron Paisley and Governor of Ulster, a position which necessitated a change of residence from Scotland to Ireland for the family and resulted in Henry's birth a century later. He was commissioned into the 15th Regiment of Foot in the British Army.The only place that can accommodate a limited number of yachting visitors in the city is the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Just within the city boundary is this waterfront bay and park, in Hamilton Harbor, on the west side of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Later, there was the large Hamilton Hotel, where the City Hall and its Car Park are now.

Hamilton had one child, Mary Anne Pierpoint, who died unmarried on December 12, 1871).

While still Governor of Dominica, he died in Antigua where he had gone for treatment because of his declining health.

He was unique in British colonial history - the only Governor of three separate places, especially popular in the last two.

In Bermuda and Dominica, the largest of the British Caribbean territories, he was very much a diplomat.

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