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So I began the new year watching The Masked Seductive Heroine (ZDAD-39) with beautiful Yui Aikawa. As MAV mentioned, the GIMP highlights feature Yui bound AOH and taking a beating, with punches and blows to her front and back and even to her lovely face.

The two drawbacks are that Yui is never stripped naked and that there isn't more variety in the GIMPage. S.) for a seven-day rental, which makes it worth checking out.

------------------------------ Bill K: The photo you posted comes from Inquisition Live; specifically it was from a photo set called Cecilia.

To my knowledge there was never a video of this, and there was no BATS finale.

Attaching a thin cord to the end of the clip on her left nipple, the cord was put around her neck then threaded through the eye of the other clamp.

The cord was pulled and her breasts were raised up, nipples pointing upwards, until there was no crease and the white untouched flesh of the undersides was revealed.

It is, however, an excellent series of rack torture pictures; I've posted examples from it at the top of the site over the years. Tonight marks the beginning of a series of paperback covers by a regular reader and occasional poster who goes by the name The Monk.

Ironically, I almost ran a fake paperback cover that featured the girl from the Cecilia series as the daily picture tonight. He's a good buddy of mine and we communicate via e-mail a lot.

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Anybody recognize her or the apparent possible bats movie ? Been a while since I've added a new one; I better get on it.The trickles were splattered across her skin at the point where they reached the target areas of the straps which continued to descend ruthlessly upon their targets.The fifty lashes ordered were completed and Marie slumped in her bonds, head hanging forward, gasping for breath and moaning from the pain. Covers: Well, you said it would probably happen again, and you were right.The men collected their straps once more and took up their positions to continue."The last fifteen of this phase are to be laid upon flesh not yet harmed", came the command.

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