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The series featured Julian Barratt as a minor character, Jackson.This was confirmed by Dan Clark on both his Twitter and Facebook page, and on 29 September 2010, Dan Clark posted on his official Twitter page that the third series was scheduled to be aired in the beginning of November.The Christmas Special was aired on BBC Three at 9pm on 22 December 2011.Several months after Series 3, there have been some changes in Don's life.Clark was the main character in both shows, and Isabel Fay appeared in Dan Clark's Guide to Dating, which was shown as ten one-minute clips on the channel, with lists of ten things people shouldn't do on a date, such as "Ten things you shouldn't wear on a date".The clips began to appear on the Internet and the BBC approached him about doing a 30-minute show in the same format.Abby and Karl did not feature in this series, and Mrs.

which introduces the four main characters of Don, Abby, Karl and Eddie.

A "5 Things That Happened Next" segment reveals the futures of the main characters.

Don and Samantha married on New Year's Day 2012 and eventually had nine children, all of them male.

After a lot of awkward situations, and Samantha believing that Don and Abby are a couple after Abby returns to the house, Don finally tells Samantha how he feels and the two become an item.

Also, Don decides against selling the house and things return to normal.

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