Dating scammer laura smith

You then are told to fill out a background check (which gives ID thieves a ton of personal info) and wire them money for one month's rent and deposit. However, if you think "well, I'd never send money to someone I'd never met" you should also know there is a variant of the scam that involves people actually showing homes to you and collecting the money there and then.They'll even give you a set of keys (not that they'll work) and a signed agreement.He was kind to her, and when he seemed too good to be true, he sent pictures of himself holding a sign that said "I'm real." They were in love and talked about a future."He said he was stationed in Fort Hood, so he would be coming back there to get his things, and then he was going to move to Dallas and buy a home," she said.

If you know anything about the man in the photos, or have seen this profile before, let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

Their cyber security investigation confirmed the scam that came from an IP address all the way in Africa. Days after Thompson’s discovery, his profile was still on Match.

No one is sure who the man is seen in the pictures Thompson received.

First with the money, and second when you get turned away from the event.

A similar scam involves genuine tickets that get canceled after you buy them. You purchase the tickets for less than face value, thinking you have a bargain.

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