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Bright colors give the impression of billboards, lights, and advertisements that fill the facades of buildings where Broadway meets 42nd Street.

Small dashes of dark paint make up the foreground, representing figures, crowded on sidewalks and in the streets.

Ben Fenske and his Russian American Painting Alliance painted up a storm in and around Sag Harbor and selected paintings from this trip will be on view.

Main Street, Sag Harbor is an important Fenske painting from this exhibition.

Laura Grenning describes the painting as: Cindy Sherman meets Classical Painting.

With A Little Slice of Heaven the local Sag Harbor painter is memorializing the last months of the popular Conca Dora, as we know it.Pale sand, bright green dunes, figures walking along the shoreline towards a horizon that glows from a sun that has just set.In contrast, Dalessio captures mania in Time Square.Were very excited to exhibit Tonic by Alyssa Monks, one of the most prolific painters to come out of the New York Academy of Art in the last ten years.Alyssas work began to garner great attention with a series of large scale paintings of herself in the shower.

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