Dating someone lower intelligence

Emotional intelligence is integral to a healthy relationship.Having the capacity to understand, manage and verbally express feelings with your partner is invaluable.Hi Alice, Can you help me get a picture of how good/bad life will be if I get married to a low EQ and high IQ guy? I'm one of those outgoing, fun-loving, cheerful, and filled with life kind of people.

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They learn to suppress and avoid the feelings that they judge themselves for having — things like depression, anxiety and rejection. RCC is a psychotherapist, wellness expert, blogger, and lover of sport and satire.Might the “right” answer change depending on culture or context?What more established by researchers, though, is that having a positive affect toward a partner — having a sense of humor with each other and showing affection and interest — can be one of the key ingredients for happily-ever-after. Some studies have found that couples in which both people have a high IQ do tend to be more satisfied than other couples, especially in the first few years.While it might be enticing to boil everything down to a number, here’s a word of warning: in reality, people are much more complicated than a score on a test — be it one of intellectual or emotional intelligence.While thinking about your partner’s EQ and/or IQ might give you a sense of what your future might look like, EQ and IQ are just two pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of love.

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