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Eshita Mahboob seems to be cast in a role she has played many times over.

That said, I enjoyed her scenes with Ali Rehman, their lighthearted banter provided a nice respite in an otherwise high on emotions episode.

For him, it is his love for Ruhina that matters most, other considerations be damned.

From Wali’s quiet reflection to the heightened drama of the final scene I enjoyed the emotional graphing of this opening installment.

Haseeb Hasan demonstrated his experience as the shift from the present to the past and then distant past was handled very fluently; nuances of various characters and their intricate web of relationships, all were introduced really well.

For her sake and ours I sincerely hope this one stays the course and does not go haywire like her . Ali Rehman appeared to be trying too hard here; his jovial Suhaib seemed forced, particularly in scenes with Hareem, but then there were the emotional scenes with Mikaal where he looked more comfortable.

The regional accent is a nice touch but it would have been a lot more effective had it not seemed to come and go at will.

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