Dwyane wade and gabrielle union dating for how long

As a full-time wife and stepmom, she’s becoming much more choosy about the roles she’s willing to take.“For me to leave my home and my family, it has to be worth it,” she says.“What happens to her is one of the things that sets in motion one of the most successful slave liberations in the history of our country.to screw up this incredibly important, powerful film,” she continues.And though she’s been a Hollywood star for a while now, she has never forgotten how to hustle.On a break from filming her hit BET show,, returning for its fourth season this fall, Union plays the title character, an ambitious cable news anchor—not your cookie-cutter female protagonist, but a woman who’s rather flawed, especially in the relationship department.“He appreciates my independence, and my high credit score, and the fact that if I want a Chanel bag, I’m not asking for his Amex; I’ve got my own,” she says, letting out a loud laugh.

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She has lobbied for increased funding of rape crisis centers across the country and has testified before Congress about her experience.

“She’s challenging, complicated, messy,” Union says. “She progresses and regresses, which at times as a viewer is frustrating.

One minute you’re rooting for her, the next you’re rooting against her.”Like her character, Union is anything but cookie-cutter.

Last night, Gabrielle Union wasn’t able to make it to husband Dwyane Wade’s Miami Heat game.

As much as she likes to be courtside to cheer on him and his team, she loves that her other half understands her need to have her own life, too.

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