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We've also restyled some of the content, and consolidated the usage data into the page too.

See HERE for an example.2016-06-27: WEBSITE SERVER MOTD (Posted by Cutting Edge)Our website is now able to display the current MOTD (Message of the Day) from each server based on code that pulls the MOTD when a server links to our network automatically.

Das Hantieren an den Schalthebeln erforderte Kraft und Geschick.

free online dating chat usa Der Kran verlud den Kies, der mit zunehmender Ausdehnung des Sees mit Schuten angelandet wurde, auf Eisenbahnwaggons und Pferdefuhrwerke, bis beide vom Lkw verdrängt wurden.

The bot now allows for questions that have multiple answers (commonly referred to as 'KAOS').2016-05-02: GEOGRAPHICALLY-SENSITIVE DNS (Posted by Cutting Edge)We've made further improvements to our DNS, specifically the irc.DNS pool. funksies commands, display available commands for each game respectively.2016-02-21: TRIVIA WEBSITE INTEGRATION (Posted by Cutting Edge)We've added some additional code to our #trivia and #flinkdink bots to allow them to update our website with current in-game events in real-time.

Our DNS servers are now able to determine the geographically closest server from your location, and will now automatically assign you to a DNS pool that is closest to you (where available). These new commands display a player's best ever score over specific periods. Take a look at our GAMES page to see it in action.2016-02-16: WEBSITE SECURITY (Posted by Cutting Edge)Our website now makes use of HTTPS by default (with a valid certificate) to make sure your information is secure.2016-02-15: SERVICES WEBSITE INTEGRATION (Posted by Cutting Edge)You can now login to our website using your Nick Serv nickname/account and password.

Essentially, this means you'll always be connected to the fastest, available server. We've created a user dashboard that'll allow you to see what channels you own (including current/max users and expiration date), as well as what memos you've been sent.

Combined with our DNS pool automation, you'll also only be assigned to pools that have servers that are online and connected to the rest of our network.2016-03-19: WEBSITE IMPROVEMENTS (Posted by Cutting Edge)We've added a new Activity Map to our USERS page, that displays a map of where our users are based (grouped by country), as well as their associated totals. Click HERE to login now.2016-02-09: IT STARTS (Posted by Cutting Edge)Today we sat down, compiled our IRC server software, linked everything together and formed an alternative South African IRC Network.

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