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Let's Talk About Love was supported by "Gotta Talk to You" (Korean: 할말 있어요, Revised Romanization: Na Jigeum Halmal Isseoyo), which charted at number three on the Gaon Chart, and was later re-released in Japan as his first full Japanese studio album, containing previous materials from the two EPs recorded in the country's native language.

Making his theatrical debut with the musical Sonagi in 2008, Seungri went on to star in films such as Nineteen and Why Did You Come to My House? He branched into television with the Japanese drama Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (2013) and the South Korean television series Angel Eyes (2014).

Seungri later admit that bandmate G-Dragon was initially cold towards Daesung and himself because G-Dragon had trained for six years with Taeyang to become a hip hop duo and disliked being placed in a band.

Despite this, the two eventually bonded over watching the Korean drama Princess Hours.

He had his first Japanese show Seungchan's Complete Victory Declaration on Space Shower a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur.In the mid-2000s, Seungri rose to prominence as one of three vocalists and youngest member of the South Korean boy band Big Bang under YG Entertainment, which eventually became one of the best-selling digital group of all-time in Asia and one of the best-selling boy bands in the world. The EP debuted at number one on the Gaon Album Chart and yielded two singles: "VVIP" and "What Can I Do" (Korean: 어쩌라고, Revised Romanization: Eojjeolago).His next solo fanmeeting was on September 9, 2012 held in Osaka. He promoted the singles "Gotta Talk to You" (Korean: 할말 있어요, Revised Romanization: Na Jigeum Halmal Isseoyo) and the eponymous title track.The drama was based on the manga The Kindaichi Case Files, and premiered in January 2013. In October of the same year, he released his first Japanese album, selling over 14,000 copies in its first day and topping the Oricon Charts.

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