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From Radio Insight "Gow Media Sports “SB Nation 1560” KGOW Houston will move its programming to Centro Cristiano de Vida Eterna’s 94.1 K231CN Houston on October 1.When KGOW moves to 94.1, its programming will originate on the HD2 of sister “ESPN 97.5” KFNC Mont Belvieu as the 1560 signal will be leased to another party." Looks like they've given up on 1560, wonder who will lease it.

Those flood problems were almost certainly amplified by Hurricane Harvey. That makes two of the translator formats that will have disappeared; first La Mejor, then La Nueva.We kept him on for maybe four minutes before letting him go.As for off the rails, we had comedian Tracy Morgan in studio to promote his show and we never had any control at any point.We all know KGOW-AM ain’t what it used to be, but even with its diminished night-time-all-the-time signal with 15,000 watts directional, it’s still intensely superior to the new pip-squeek 99 watt FM signal at 94.1 which won’t penetrate much of anything in the big city, let alone the burbs.Then, it seems odd to make a Big-Splash-Announcement on a radio change that won’t happen until October 1st.

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