Microformats validator online dating

Every week we will talk about our experiences test driving new software/tools--and give you some on the ground impressions.

If you have an interesting Web 2.0 or related tool or product you think we should look at, please let us know! So the first ONA conference I've been to in 2000 years ended tonight--what was my take?

On the minus side, they're operating within a reactive, fear-driven culture that--as many pointed out--doesn't reward risk and/or innovation.The work we did together, back in the day, was fun and creative and useful--and I felt so lucky to learn from him--no one was doing anything like WAIS back in NY then.One of the things I've always admird about Brewster is the good work he's consistently done--the other is how quietly--and effectively--he does it.I've been staying with my old friend B in Park Slope on some of my trips East, including this one.B and I met almost 18 years ago when we both lived in the Slope; we've remained friends through the years.

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