Positive stories about online dating

“It can sometimes take some digging and a lot of patience, but Drew and I are so happy that we did it and found each other in this big wide world! It has been the best site very friendly and respectful men had numerous lovely dates.So thank you, and if you've read this wondering if you should give internet dating a try, I'd say go for it.You might not find your true love as quickly as we did, but it's worth a damn good try. Drew, a Pittsburgh native, initially messaged Asia because he saw in her profile that she loved dogs and music. “Before I knew it, the bartender was calling ‘last call,’” says Drew.“How could I not message a beautiful and intelligent woman who loves rock n' roll and puppies? The couple messaged back and forth a little bit but really wanted to meet in person. “Those six hours just flew by with great conversation, laughs and (perhaps) one too many gin and tonics! “Needless to say we were both pretty smitten.” “People always say when you know, you know, and that definitely applied to us,” she adds. ” To share Asia’s new home and Drew’s hometown with their friends and family, the couple tied the knot on March 12 in the Sen. Drew and Asia are now ardent advocates for online dating.

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“When I messaged her, I didn't want it to be a shallow, ‘Hey, what’s up’ message,” says Ariella.

“So I wrote her the equivalent of an essay…” Luckily Dana responded with a message of a similar word count, and the two continued exchanging novel-length notes until their first date — and well beyond.

So, whether you’re looking for courage or a romantic love story, here are two couples who found not only a date but also a lifelong partner.

Photos by Ann Louise Photography A Novel Connection Ariella Furman came across Dana Custer’s profile on OKCupid and was immediately interested by how much they had in common.

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