Red flags in dating relationships

These fabrications imply there is something to hide, if not now, someday.Even lies that have seemingly little to do with you or your relationship should make you suspicious.Lies about trivial matters are a warning that the big one is around the corner, so don’t play the fool.Worse, if you are the recipient of any big lies (about previous marriages, children, habits) you should take the cue to run.If his friends are annoying jerks who would rather play video games and cheat on their women, then it’s time to rethink your choice.Perhaps your steady has a gaggle of single gals who are drama-loving divas, love the club scene a little too much, or are snooty jealous friends.You can still like the way other people look, but you shouldn’t find it necessary to disrespectfully compare them to your partner.

A confident person will expect their sweetheart to treat them as the only one in the room.

Next time around, if you aren’t sure if you should listen to that nagging feeling inside of you, maybe this list will come in handy.

(Or thought you were.) With love’s rose-colored glasses on, oftentimes it’s difficult to recognize abnormal behavior.

It should make you wonder what she really prioritizes in life.

It’s true that everyone has one or two friends that are “special” (read: weird) that you have to tolerate.

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