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He brought her favorite snack: hot fries and Gatorade.

Sarah told him she'd been staying in motels with Chris for weeks, mostly in Austin but also in Dallas and San Antonio.

Sarah said the towels were bloody because she sometimes cut herself when she was upset.

When police asked her whether Chris was forcing her to prostitute, she said no. Sarah, a troubled kid who'd been in and out of police custody, went back to juvenile detention for breaking probation.

So Shandra Carter, Freedom Place’s executive director, said she doesn’t use that tactic when rehabilitating victims.

If a girl starts acting up or pushing boundaries, everyone at Freedom Place — from counselors to cooks to maintenance workers — is trained to be a calming presence, not to shout or lecture.

The time she didn't want to have sex with Chris and he raped her, saying he shouldn't have to ask. "They come across as a bad street kid because that's what they've had to do to survive," said Chuck Paul, a former Texas child welfare investigator who is raising money to build a new shelter for trafficking victims in San Antonio.

Sarah eventually says she's willing to take a sexual assault exam to help collect evidence against him. "These kids are like, 'Everybody I've ever trusted in my life has always written me off. '" Trafficking victims have learned to operate in constant survival mode, which throws the decision-making part of their brains into chaos.

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The month before, officers found Sarah when she was staying at the Super 8 across the highway.

She's there because she exchanged text messages with an undercover police officer earlier that afternoon.

He asked the price for "full service." She responded like she was supposed to: 0 for oral and vaginal sex.

Watts, a veteran police detective who started his career two decades ago investigating child abuse cases, allowed himself a rare moment of optimism.

"Maybe she'll be the one who gets to go in a different direction," he said, "who has enough of a platform, enough of a support, enough anchors to where she won't need to go back to the only thing that she knows." In the police interview room after the undercover sting, Sarah nervously swivels her chair. Then he grew threatening, texting her the address of her mother's home and a picture of her little sister and brothers lifted from her Facebook page. He wants to hurt my family, nuh-uh," Sarah says, shaking her head. They don't know what to expect from him." More details come pouring out. But not the song "Drunk in Love." Finally, Sarah ventures a question of her own. Even if she does, the detective says, at least she'll be safe.

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