Updating video card for gateway

Leave the pressure compensation valve uninstalled for now.

The splitter's power and network connectors should run to the respective receptacles on the Raspberry Pi - be warned the power cable is a very tight fit!Install the 868MHz rubber duck antenna; this antenna should get you started and it is discrete.You can replace it with a larger antenna, for example a Procom CXL900-3/L NType 824-894MHz collinear antenna; however antenna location (is it worth installing more shorter range gateway units vs a few larger ones?The purpose of this Instructable is to provide a guide for people to create their own outdoor Lo Ra WAN Gateway using off-the-shelf components, rather than purchasing a commercial offering.Many of the components used in this Instructable, such as the coax cables, can be substituted for cheaper alternatives (from sites like Ebay); however, for the purpose of this guide I tried to keep the number of suppliers to a minimum. Bom Part 2- Other required parts sourced from places like Amazon. This is cut from a sheet of steel and will require a shear & bender.

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