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Why would anyone become an aggressor, if he/she can sympathize with the victim you may say!The American civil rights movement of black people had white people who sympathized with them, his counter example.The underlying premise in his argument is that once we let go of subjectivity, objectively driven reality should take us to the optimum solution (which by definition is always good) much more efficiently than by hammering and chiseling our way out. Zeru, brilliant writers who deserve utmost respect.

It is a constitution premised on the assumption that the living are here to serve the dead and not the other way round, where the dead sacrificed to serve the living.

The white sympathizers took the train-ride and joined the movement ‘AS – IS’ to prove their point and did not ask black people to abandon the civil rights movement and wait for favors from slave owners, which is different from your call for ‘allyship’, my bid.

Pitfalls I do understand the status quo is difficult to move from partly because it is marked by a few milestones in our recent history. They might not be directly related to the discussion above but lack of clarity on them certainly is a motivating factor.

Belief by its very nature can only exist in the margin of error.

That is the margin where God examines your commitment as ‘blessed are those who believe in the unseen’.

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