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“Bon Appétit,” for instance, has a perplexingly muted chorus, one that consciously declines to leap out at you from the radio in the way that nearly every other Martin hook does.

“Roulette,” meanwhile, has the kind of chorus that announces itself with all the subtlety of an explosion, but is pinned to a concept—“Wanna close my eyes and roll it with you / Like roulette”—that would get you a talking-to in a grade school English class.

Lead single “Chained to the Rhythm” is maybe the best song here, but its call to take to the dancefloor in a moment of political strife never exactly gets around the fact that the song hinges on comparing oneself to a “wasted zombie.” “Tsunami,” the Mike Will track, precedes the extended vagina-as-buffet metaphor of “Bon Appétit” by dropping the subtlety altogether, but Perry doesn’t sell stripped-away sexuality as well as she does schoolyard jokes.

Then there’s the confounding “Swish Swish,” which, aside from barely making logical sense, simply unloads a clip of incredibly lame disses.

But either way, Perry embarked on an uncharted journey in the making of , and the album consequently seems in search of songs it never finds. Katy Perry is known for her hit songs such as Kissed A Girl, Firework, and California Girls. Hot pics of Katy Perry in a bikini and more (or less.) We compiled the sexiest photos of Katy Perry from various photo spreads.The question, of course, is where Perry goes from here.Unlike other pop stars, her career has never been driven by the sort of artistic muse that leads to seamless and rewarding reinventions.

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