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“People act like since they’re in a different area code, nothing counts.” Still, at least one well-known director thinks all these couplings and uncouplings matter a lot.“In the past, [actors] didn’t have as many affairs when they went on different movies,” Francis Ford Coppola said recently.“We are committed to each other, totally,” Danson said in 1989.“The idea of my having more relationships boggles my mind.” Whoopi Goldberg—heading off to that same movie set—seemed an unlikely candidate to alter his course.“One of the first nights we were together in Berkeley, I walked down Telegraph Avenue with her, and it was like walking with royally. press conference promoting their movie, Danson assumed a deadpan expression and held up a sign that said Personal; Goldberg flashed a card that said Next Question.

They had been spotted together at London’s posh Savoy Hotel.

“I’d walk in Whoopi’s shadow for the rest of my life—I adore the woman,” Danson said, though he purportedly was talking about their future on-screen collaborations and not their private offscreen life.

Danson and Goldberg are not the only stars to have had their heads turned and their lives turned inside out of late by the intoxicating atmosphere of a movie location. “There was an immediate attraction,” says a senior member of the crew.

‘A lot of people who have never had weight issues their whole life would assume that losing weight and going from morbidly obese to being able to buy clothes off the rack would be only full of happiness and positivity, but that's not true,’ she said. I never wanted someone to want to approach me in a sexual manner because of my physical body because of child abuse issues.

Rosie added: ‘There are many issues for why people gain weight. So I think they are all interwoven and they don't exist separately so they come up, and I'm having to put out fires and talk to my therapist and get through it and find a different way to cope with my anxiety and my feelings of PTSD rather than eating over them.’While Rosie and Whoopi are said to be butting heads – with rumours swirling the talk show host is not pleased the actress is still moderator – they can agree on one thing: that a gradual weight loss is the best kind.

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